Public Health Services

Environmental Consultations

  • Osborne County is currently one of seven counties in the North Central Kansas LEPP program. A Sanitarian is currently available for questions.

Wastewater Permits

  • Permits and registration fees are established by the Board of County Commissioners for the seven counties. These permits are available at the County Health Department in each of the counties. Before a homeowner begins an on-site wastewater system (either septic or lagoon), or non-public water supply (water well), a permit will be completed and filed with the County Sanitarian. The permit fee is required with receipt of the permit. The one time permit fee for an on-site wastewater system is $600. A non-public water well permit is $210. Any violation of any provision of a sanitary code shall be deemed to be a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200) for each offense. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain this permit. The homeowner should also contact the County Sanitarian, Philip Murrow. He will set up a site visit with the homeowner. The site visit will insure that a correctly sized system will be installed.   The homeowner will be given the specifications for the required system. It is recommended that the homeowner request bids from several approved contractors.

Safety Concerns