Osborne County E-Waste

All Electronic Waste must be checked in before it can be dropped off. Out of region, and Out of state waste will not be accepted at this time. Residential, Schools, and Government in region, Business, and Non-Profit, is FREE of any charge. CRT's are accepted differently at each collection site, so check with your area before delivering

The following items are the only e-waste that will be collected:
Audio/Visual: (VCR/DVD's A/V = stereos, projectors, camcorders, speaker, radios, tape recorders, game consoles (PS2, etc.).
Phones: (cell phones/PDA's, answering machines, all other phones).
Computers: (whole desktop, CRT monitor, laptop, all computer peripheral = external drives, CD drives, cords, any add-ons, printer/fax/scanner, keyboard/mice).
TV's: (CRT TV's, LCD's, others).
Also eligible: (micowaves, calculators, toner cartridges, ink jet cartridges, large copiers, desktop copiers, loose circuit boards, small batteries).


The Solomon Valley E-Waste Coalition was dissolved on the 14 of August 2013 and turned over to the Osborne County Landfill. The Osborne County Commissioners renamed it Osborne County E-Waste. All of the ten (10) counties in Kansas. (Norton, Graham, Trego, Ellis, Rooks, Philips, Osborne, Lincoln, Cloud, & Republic) will still be utilizing this service with Osborne County. All E-Waste is brought into Osborne, KS and process at the Osborne County Landfill/Recycling Center,1181 C404 Dr, Osborne, KS to be shipped to a down streamer.

As of January 1, 2016, the Osborne County E Waste consists of nine active counties (Norton, Graham, Trego, Ellis, Rooks, Philips, Osborne, Lincoln, and Smith) will still be utilizing this service.

As of January 1, 2018, the Osborne County E Waste consists of eight active counties (Norton, Trego, Ellis, Rooks, Philips, Osborne, Lincoln, and Smith) will still be utilizing this service.

The Osborne County Highway Department oversees all operations, for more information please call  Brent French Rd & Br Supervisor or Colin Clark Assistant Rd & Br Supervisor at 785-346-2153, fax 785-346-2154 or e-mail osbcohwy@ruraltel.net or contact one of the landfill or transfer stations in one of the serviceing counties.