Osborne County Sharps Program

The Osborne County Commissioners on the 11 day of December, 2000, put into effect the new biohazard sharps waste program effective immediately.

This program helps those individuals to have a source to properly dispose of their sharps waste, businesses may also participate in this program.

If a business would like to use the landfill to dispose of their sharps waste, the waste must be transported to the landfill facilities in proper containers along with a Special Waste Disposal Permit Number.

There are collection sites throughout Osborne County, Kansas.  At these sites, individuals only, will be able to pick up sharps containers and have containers collected. At the present time the sites are as follows:

The Main site is the Landfill Dept.
(785) 346-2841 open Tue. through Sat.
In Osborne at the Osborne County Health Dept.,
(785) 346-2412 open Mon. through Fri.
8:30a.m./12p.m. 1p.m./5p.m.
In Natoma at the Office of the City of Natoma,
(785) 885-4833 open Tue., Thu., Fri.
9a.m./12p.m. 1p.m./5p.m.
In Alton at the Office of the City of Alton,
(785) 984-2263 open 1st through 10th of each month,
9a.m./12p.m. 1p.m./5p.m.
In Portis at the Office of the City of Portis,
(no phone) open “will be announced at later date”
In Downs at the Office of the City of Downs,
(785) 454-6622 open Mon. through Fri.
8:30a.m./12p.m. 1a.m./4:30p.m.

Call for information on the sharps program, including proper containers and special waste disposal request forms. Individuals that cannot manage to take advantage of these sites, due to health reasons may call for information on delivery and pickup services which is run by volunteers, at the Osborne County Hwy. Dept. (785)346-2153 or the Osborne County Landfill Dept. (785)346-2841.