Additional Gate Fees for Extraodinary Refuse

In County Waste:

Common household waste (other than annual user fee) - No Charge

All other waste except items listed below will be $2.00 a yard with a $4.00 minimum.

  1. Any appliance that at one time contained Freon that does not have a certificate of Freon removal - $10.00
  2. Tires:
    Car, Light Pickup & Motorcycle $2.50
    Truck (11R22.5, 11R24.5, 10.00-16, 11.00-16) $8.00
    Super Single Truck $16.00
    Pivot Irrigation (Recap truck tire with tractor tread, 11.2x24, 11.2x38) $16.00
    Tractor Tire (up through 18.4; swather tire 25.1x16.1) $35.00
    Larger Tractor Tire/Small Loader (19.5x24, 20.5x35, 20.8. 23.1x30) $70.00
    Largest Tractor Tire/Large Loader (23.5, 26.5, 30.5) $150.00
    Tracks $275.00
    Tires with rims Additional $10.00
    Processed tires Charged by yards
  3. Abestos: charged by yard unless product does not meet County criteria
  4. Tanks:
    Light gauge $13.00
    Heavy gauge $65.00
  5. Mobile Homes - $700.00
  6. Demolition and Rubble - charged by yard
  7. White goods, iron, wire, automobile batteries, oil, paints, etc - no charge if separated

Out of County Waste

Out of County waste is $8.00 a yard with $8.00 minimum per waste disposal.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 above will have an additional charge of $8.00

Carriers, contractors, roofers, etc., are responsible for waste fees for Out of County Waste that they deliver to the Osborne County Landfill

A fine of $50.00 plus fees will be assessed for failure to report Out of County waste.

No out-of-state waste.

Osborne County has the right to refuse or reject any waste or individual for noncompliance.